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Tree Repairs

I have added this page to try and show what we deal with on a daily basis. Over the years these cars and trucks have passed through lots of hands. Some of the previous owners have tried to restore or repair them. In the worst cases they have actually paid a "professional" (and I use that word very loosely) to perform the repairs for them. These "surprises" will be added as we find them, I know we haven't seen them all yet.

Filler hole

(picture is sideways) This is a gas filler hole on a late 50's Chevy truck. After we cut out the filler hole this fell out. Someone took a large piece of sheet metal slapped it behind the hole and proceeded to gob some weld on it. After that it was hidden under about 1/2" of filler. The other pictures show how we took care of this ugly bit of craftsmanship.

Filler hole-1

Cut a repair patch to the correct size and form the metal to the contour of the existing panel. Note this patch isnt just "close" it fits the hole exactly. This will allow me to butt weld the patch flush to the truck.

Filler hole-2

Patch spot welded in position

Filler hole-3

all welds are ground down and with a little hammer and dolly work we will need only a light coat of filler to smooth out the panel. Any question on quality? I didn't think so. Total time = 1 hr.

Filler hole-4

Fender Skirt

Although this picture isn't very good, you can still see the nearly 3/8" gap between the fender and the skirt (note the very bottom also). This fender has been repaired without any regard to it's original contour. It's our job now to make the skirts fit like it never happened. Impossible? no way!

Fender Skirt-1

You thought the last one was bad? The rear of the skirt is nearly 3/4" from fitting!

Fender Skirt-2

This picture shows the front repair. The consistent black line is the rubber skirt welting that keeps the skirt from rattling and squeaking.

Fender Skirt-3

With the skirt welting in place but not yet attached or trimmed you can already see how much better everything fits. Not only that, we used almost no filler to finish off the skirts for paint. The owner was very happy with the results.

Fender Skirt-4

Side marker light

Repairs like these always amaze me. Here is a side marker in a mustang rear fender. The problem is that it's a late ‘68 fender on a early ‘68 mustang. This whole rear fender was replaced at sometime on this car but installing the wrong type was only the first problem. They went to all the trouble of replacing the rear fender but just filled the indentation with filler. We popped the filler out in one piece with a screwdriver! Watch as we repair it as it never happened!

Side marker light-1 Side marker light-2 Side marker light-3 Side marker light-4