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Midwest Rod And Restoration

Midwest Rod And Restoration started with a dream, a tool box, and a loan from the bank. But to go back even further, it started with a hobby that got out of hand.

Midwest Rod And Restoration owner Shawn Maine had always been fascinated by mechanical things and loved tearing them apart and putting them back together again. As a child, he built model cars and learned how to draw and paint well. At age 10 he dissembled his bicycle, repainted it with a spray can, and reassembled it. At age 15 he bought his first car and began learning everything he could about how to repair and fix it. By 16, he was already running his own sign-painting business and ventured into his first official full automotive paint job, completing more and more paint jobs over the next few years.

After graduating from college with a degree in Architectural Drafting, Shawn began buying and working on his "project" cars. As his skills improved, people started to request his services, but Shawn mostly refused due to a busy schedule concentrating on his own projects and ambitions.

And Shawn’s ambitions were many. From 1990 to 2004 he found myself learning how to fly, earning his private pilot’s license, building a speed boat, designing and building a new home for his high school sweetheart (now wife), and raising 3 beautiful, healthy children. All the while, he was working on about 10 classic cars and holding down a career as a glass storefront designer and contract manager.

After 13 years of construction and design work, he decided to turn a hobby into a career.

Shawn opened Midwest Rod And Restoration in November 2004 out of his lifelong desire to work on classic cars and build hot rods. With the shop’s experienced staff in place, Shawn believes Midwest Rod And Restoration has exceeded his idea of what this company could become. The shop continues to build bigger and better cars every day.

Shawn ensures the shop also gives back to the community. Midwest Rod And Restoration is a member of the Community Club, City Council, PTO, and Wapello School Advisory Committee, and Shawn is a Keck Theater Player.

Meet The Team

Laura – Production Manager

Laura is our production manager. She is always happy to greet everyone and will get your problems promptly fixed. She has worked in customer service for many years and brings a lot of stability to our shop. She schedules our work, orders parts, and answers the phone. Chances are if you call, she'll be the first one to talk to you. Laura can’t wait to help you restore your classic car!

Steve – Maintenance Technician

Steve is our maintenance tech. He has been with us for 5 years and has over 30 years experience in diagnosing problems and repairing them, so there is nothing that he can’t figure out! His nickname is "Wizzo" and now we know why. Got a problem that no one can figure out? Try us, he'll get it!

Brian – Body Shop Technician

Brian is our Bodywork and Assembly Technician. He has had over 8 years of Automotive Repair and Customizing Experience. He specializes in detailing, custom glass cutting, and mechanical repairs. When you come to pick up your restoration, you can see the beauty from Brian's buffing skills.