Auto Repair Services at Midwest Rod & Restoration

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Upholstery Repair

Midwest Rod & Restoration offers exceptional services for customers looking for a complete restoration of any car. This may include interior restoration and custom paint and design work. Our professionals understand how to disassemble and restore each component of every system in the vehicle. This procedure can have an effect on the future maintenance servicing schedule and any additional restoration options. This is why we work hard to keep you completely informed about the process. Our expert service professionals have the equipment and skills necessary to perform a complete restoration on your vehicle.


  • Assembly and Upholstery
  • Bodywork
  • Glass cutting and installation
  • Interior Restoration
  • Metal fabrication
  • Panel repair
  • Complete Restoration
  • Custom Paint and Design
  • Interior Repair

More on Our Auto Service Specialties

  • Complete Restoration

    Complete Restoration

    Complete restoration services are designed to get the vehicle show-ready from the inside to the finishing exterior touches. This can include interior repair work and velour repair services, for example. The complete car restoration process is something that vehicle owners might consider whenever the damage to the vehicle is significant. We cover all the major areas during a complete restoration, and this includes the bodywork, mechanical work, paint and interior. From engine rebuilds to the final coat of paint, our service professionals work with detail and precision to perform exceptional work.

  • Custom Paint and Design

    Custom Paint and Design

    A custom paint and design job will get your car back into pristine condition, and this show-quality exterior is sure to catch the right eyes. Our custom paint and design booth can accommodate any type of vehicle for your new paint job. We ensure that the custom paint and design work will be top-quality by removing all previous layers of paint. This process can take off several decades of paint, but the finished product will look much better because of it. The custom paint and design work will represent the quality of the entire vehicle, and this is true even though it is the last item to be performed on any complete restoration. Contact our shop for your needs relating to complete restoration, including custom paint and design work.

  • Interior Repair

    Interior Repair

    Our interior repair services can really impact the resale value of your vehicle. This is a service that also affects the auto rental industry. If your business is renting out vehicles that are in need of good interior repair service, you’ve come to the right place. Our interior repair service professionals can improve the quality of your vehicle. Interior repair services include fixing shabby carpets with spills, repairing the console and dashboard.